Disability support services Geelong.

At Crossing the Gap Disability Services, we offer a range of disability respite and disability support services to participants in Geelong, in order to help them live their lives and achieve their individual goals, at their own pace. Our experience includes working with participants who experience psychosocial disability, mental illness, autism disorder(s), challenging behaviours’ and intellectual disabilities, neurological disability, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, physical disabilities.

We promote and proudly work with all ages, genders, race, and those of diverse backgrounds. Have a look below at the disability support services in Geelong that we offer.

Disability worker smiling at young girl with Down Syndrome using laptop.
Disability community access support Geelong

Community access.

Community access is an important part of life for a person with a disability, as it provides access to recreational tasks and social opportunities, and enables an individual to develop skills and competencies. Our disability community access support in Geelong...

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Disability complex and high needs support Geelong

Complex care.

We understand that some participants with disability require complex care and personalised services. Crossing The Gap is committed to helping people in Geelong with disability find services that can meet their needs, especially those that need disability complex and high...

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Disability in-home care Geelong

Disability in-home care.

24/7 disability in-home care means a care worker will be there to support your loved one around the clock in their own home in Geelong. Our care workers will be there to watch over them, help reduce risks such as...

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Disability respite care Geelong

Disability respite.

Our disability respite care in Geelong is designed to give carers a break from their role by arranging for planned breaks, regular weekly breaks, short holidays, or in times of emergencies. We understand that primary care givers have personal duties...

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Independent living skills for people with disability in Geelong

Independent living skills.

We provide support to people with disability to help them improve their skills for independent daily living. Developing life skills allows participants in Geelong to experience greater independence, putting their long-term well-being first and allowing them to live the most...

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We offer a range of disability support services to help you live your life and achieve your goals at your own pace.